What We Do

Sanitary emergency service (118)
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our trained crew is always ready to intervene, upon request from Ancona's 118 Operations Center, to help in cases of illness, accidents, etc.

Transports by ambulance
We perform transports by ambulance for people who need medical examinations, dismissals or transferals and who have necessity to be laying down during the travel. The transport may be free of charge for the citizen, in the cases provided by the Law and with the appropriate request form from the treating physician.

Transports by vehicle geared for disabled patients
For the patients who aren't able to walk but can still travel seated, we perform transports with vehicles geared for disabled patients, equipped with a sedan chair and a lift to load the patient.

Demonstration assistance
We perform assistance in demonstrations, with vehicles and crews suitable as required in the referenced legislation.